One of my favorite spots in my hometown

My style of photography is one for which patience is an absolute must. I was never a quick snap photographer but things got a bit out of hand when I discovered my love for cityscape photography. Especially the sunset/sunrise kind.

So, whenever I have chosen my spot for the evening/morning, I better make it as comfortable as I can because I’ll be there for a while 🙂 I want to go home with the full panoply of photographs from beginning to end. 500 Raw images is no exception. Because not only do I take a number of photographs during the changing lite situations, but I do it bracketed as well.

Once I get home the hardest part begins : the selection process 🙂 And sometimes it results in not 1 but two or more different end results. Like this one. I already posted my favorite: the later blue hour version with a sky turning red at the horizon. But I do like this one as well. It’s from a little bit earlier : the golden hour.

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