Today would’ve been the day we would have been returning from a trip to Japan. We were looking forward to that one. We had everything prepared and we knew that the experience would be very different to what we experienced on other trips to Asia.

We did get a very different experience than what we expected this last few months alright. That much is true even without going to Japan 🙂 Who could have foreseen the events of the past few months when we wished each other all the best for 2020 on New Years Eve ? I surely did not.

Borders closed, having to stay at home, eating too much and the rush on toiletpaper 🙂 That’s been 2020 up to now. Some have called it a lost year and that’s not true. It’s a different one ! For instance I got to spend a lot of time with the one I love (and we’re still together :-)) and I got to think about life and projects ahead.

On a smaller scale I finally started to finish the backlog of photographs of all the previous trips. In doing that you travel again. So I’m currently back in Rome and scheduled to fly to Zaragoza soon.

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